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What to Know About Your Home’s Electrical Panels

If you’re like most of us here in the U.S., your home has electricity. However, like most of us, you probably don’t understand exactly how it works, or how to fix electrical issues when they start cropping up. That’s why Hewlett Electric is here. Specializing in electrical installation of all shapes and sizes, including new installation of electrical panels and electrical panel upgrade, our team will keep your home’s electrical system safe and ensure you’re never left sitting in the dark.

How Electrical Panels Work

The primary power line to your home connects from your home to a power meter on the outside of your home. From there, the line runs directly to the electrical panel. While the location of the electrical panel varies, it’s generally in the garage, mudroom, basement, or a closet. Inside the electrical panel, you’ll find several switches. These switches are all circuit breakers, which serve to break the power from the main line up into smaller segments and to distribute that power to the various outlets in your home. While electrical panels generally run without any attention, warning signs include the following:

  • Flickering lights
  • Appliances that shut off randomly
  • Humming
  • Shocks

If you notice any of the above signs, we can help. Ready to learn more? Contact us at: (408) 661-2889

From start to finish, we experienced excellent customer service and communication! When we were looking for estimates, Meigs was very informative over the phone. I also asked if we could get somebody to come to our house to see our recessed lighting project and house layout, and he instantly arranged a home visit for Bryan to come by.

Bryan was very clear and informative about our project, and he answered all of our questions. After getting multiple estimates from different electricians, my wife and I both knew that Hewlett Electric were definitely the right people for our project.

Bryan and Alex worked at our house for 3 days; installing a total of 31 canned lights with dimmers. They were always on time, and they always cleaned up at the end of the day. Bryan and Alex are very professional and extremely knowledgeable in what they do; they could probably install recessed lighting blindfolded!

We even added a small project for Bryan and Alex to do for us on top of our original project, and they more than willingly completed that for us as well!

Thanks again Hewlett Electric, our house is so bright now; installing the LED recessed lighting with dimmers made a HUGE difference in our home! We made the right choice choosing you guys, and we will definitely be using you for all our future electrician needs!

Jme M.

This should be a 6 STAR!  I have used Hewlett Electric 2 x for projects at the house both big and small.  The quality of service and workmanship is above and beyond.  Meigs, Bryan and Alex are skilled, intelligent (super important for big jobs) problem solvers and perfectionists.  They stand by their work and work with your schedule to get the job done on time.  Bryan went above and beyond on my kitchen project standing in for me and directing others as he knew the job lay out while I was working.  I trust them to be at my home without me having to sit there and micromanage.  I think this is key!  They are licensed, responsible and caring human beings first and masters at their craft second.  

Thank you for helping me with my kitchen remodel and working within my budget.  I am forever grateful and look forward to referring many people to you.

Denise A.

Meigs was the first electrician to call me back about replacing the rest of the knob and tube in a house I just purchased. He was very straightforward and explained the process carefully, giving a range of estimates based on what he might or might not find inside the house. He even offered to answer questions from me as I got a few more quotes and was always very responsive by phone. While he was not the cheapest, those phone conversations told me he was the best.

Fortunately for me, he was free to do the work on my house before I moved in. Meigs, Alex, and Amberly were professional, conscientious, and just so much fun to be around! We laughed a lot but Meigs also made sure to explain everything he was doing so I knew how the house was wired. He and Alex showed me how to do some basic things so that I could take care of it myself in the future. He was also very transparent with the pricing, explaining what had been done at the end of each day and why the price came out to what it did. It was all in line with what he told me in that first phone call and even coming in lower in some instances where he could safely piggyback off the work of the previous renovation. They are all meticulous with their work by checking things at least two to three times and making sure to leave the house as they found it, being careful not to scratch the floors and to clean up any messes. Meigs even found a few things that the previous electricians overlooked and fixed them for me, just charging for the parts!

I definitely have an electrician for life. Not only are they great at what they do, they are wonderful people who are fun to be around! Give Meigs a call and you’ll know right away.

Roger K.

I had the privilege of Meigs, Alex, and Amberly working on my newly-purchased house for several days. I spent somewhere in the $11~12k range on their services, but I never ever felt that I was being robbed or cheated. Meigs was transparent about everything he was doing to a fault. Honestly, if you wanted to just babysit him while he was working, he’d tell you exactly what he’s doin’ the whole time, by which point you’d become an electrician merely by osmosis.

All of them are very thorough, and I can attest to their pride as craftsmen. Of particular noteworthiness was towards the end of their work, I simply didn’t want to get anymore work done; the work they were doing was going far over the budget I had initially anticipated, largely because my house had so many illegal splices and poor handiwork all over the place  (Granted, those were in the disclosure document when I bought the house, so perhaps I should have anticipated it a little more). When I told Meigs to just leave the rest of it, as I already had spent the amount you see written above, he took it upon himself to fix up several other things completely free, both because him and Alex are perfectionists, and also because it seemed he didn’t want me to perish in a fire. That’s essentially an entire day of work that they did and I didn’t spend anything for it; they could have left right there.

The following day when they didn’t show up, it was odd – it’s like my roommates all of a sudden stopped coming home. I miss the hilarious banter and overall great, friendly attitudes.

If I have another problem that requires an electrician, I’ll most certainly be calling up Meigs and his crew. Thanks guys.

Marc N.

Meigs, Alex, and Amberly went above and beyond to help take a look at the wiring and outlets in our newly purchased house, then installed some recessed lights to help brighten up the space. They were on time, communicative, super efficient, really knowledgeable, and fun to have around. We love how everything looks. On top of that, all of the work done was super transparent- Meigs let us know any time there was the option to add or change something and exactly how much it would cost at that second. No pressure to make any changes if we didn’t want to- we were working with a tight budget. He and Alex also made really helpful suggestions, so making decisions was a snap. The house was neat and tidy when they left. We’ll definitely be doing any future electrical work with this team. Definitely recommend them.

Kim Q.

I’m often a do-it-yourself guy, but when it comes to electricity, I don’t want to find out the hard way that what I thought was the neutral wire was actually the hot wire. Better to leave it to the pros.

I’ve used Hewlett Electric twice now, once to ground a dozen outlets in my house, and the other time to remove the failed ballast in a closet light fixture and wire it directly for use with LED tubes. Both times, the employees who have come over have been courteous, professional, and have done a great job without leaving a big mess.

Meigs Hewlett, the owner, has been very responsive and helpful in helping me understand my options and in scheduling my requests for service. When I left Meigs a voicemail during the most recent service request, he got back to me within an hour and was able to have one of his guys come over two days later. Pricing has always seemed reasonable, given that electrical work isn’t cheap. Hewlett Electric also accepts credit cards without charging a fee.

So the next time I decide to bling out my house with Tesla coils, or simply just have an outlet rewired, you bet I’ll be giving Hewlett Electric another call.

Anson W.

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